Research shows that performance gains are 300% greater with BrainX when compared to LIVE or traditional LMS training.
A Personalized Learning System (PLS) assesses each learner and uses the assessment to build a personalized course of instruction.
After instruction, PLS provides personalized practice sessions to reinforce knowledge & skills, with repetition on different days till the knowledge becomes locked in long term memory and the skills are mastered.
The Personalized Learning System movement was founded on the belief that learning is only successful if it creates a sustained increase in performance.

BrainX gives clients their highest ROI on Training Dollars.

BrainX helps training organizations eliminate learner forgetfulness and achieve sustained performance gains.

Our patented, neuroscience-based platform adapts to deliver personalized skill mastery in less time, with higher ROIs than any other LMS.


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Video 1: LMS Content Creation Tools 

If you already have online courses: Learn why running your courses on the BrainX platform will increase knowledge retention and the performance of your learners.   

If you need to develop online courses: Learn about our standard package of intelligent content creation tools that you can use to create every component of a course including branching simulations.





Video 2: Personalized Learning Management System 

Learn how BrainX uses a pre-test to create personalized courses for each learner. You will also learn how BrainX engages each learner and provides personalized instruction.








Video 3: BrainX LMS Software Technology

Learn about the patented BrainX technology that solves the problem of forgetting and creates durable knowledge mastery.







Video 4: Learning Management System Software

(If you only have time to watch one video watch this one.)

Learn how the BrainX branching simulations and other interactive tools provide each learner with realistic practice environments. The system serves these up at the right intervals to get each learner to total skill mastery in the shortest amount of time. This video also covers the unique “Today Plan,” the Instructor/Manager dashboard, and how the system assists instructors and managers in providing effective feedback and coaching to each learner.



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Video 1: The BrainX Advantage + The BrainX Content Creation Tools

Video 2: Personalized Courses and Personalized Instruction

Video 3: The BrainX Digital Learning Coach Works Like a Personal Trainer for Your Brain

Video 4: Simulations and Smart Games with Verbal Recording and Analysis