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Imagine what would happen if your salespeople didn’t forget 80% of what was taught in training.

Now imagine you could select the content you wanted your team to master from a huge library filled with training on just about every major selling method and skill.

Finally, imagine how sales would improve if every salesperson had a personal digital coach who ensured that they mastered all the training and changed their behavior.

 You have just imagined the effect BrainX will have on your company!

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After spending 8 months evaluating sales training systems we selected the BrainX system because it produced the best results.

 Bob Perkins, Chairman, The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

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How To Earn The Greatest Return From Your Most Limited Resource

Your most limited resource is the time salespeople have available for training. If you use that time to teach a strategy that produces a 10 percent increase in sales when another strategy could have produced a 30 percent increase, you lose sales to your competition that could have been won.  And, if training doesn’t create a permanent change in behavior– well, that is clearly a waste of money.

BrainX has a huge library of training content from the best experts in the world- training that covers just about every major selling method and skill along with topics like emotional intelligence and mental toughness. We have a proprietary system that helps you identify the training that will produce the greatest increase in sales performance. We customize the selected training to your company and then Personal Digital Coaches make sure that every salesperson masters the training and changes their behavior. 

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 We are in a very competitive industry where the performance of our sales team is one of our greatest competitive advantages. When we were first introduced to the BrainX system we liked the research behind the design - especially the smart way the online platform personalized instruction and practice to each person. However, we were skeptical that it would work in our fast paced environment, so we did extensive testing. The results were so compelling that we expanded it companywide.

Peter Foley / SVP Sales and Client Services / Answer Financial Inc. 


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Digtal_Tutor.jpgPersonal Digital Coaching For Salespeople

BrainX provides each salesperson with their own intelligent digital sales coach. A coach that combines manager evaluations with smart assessments to build personalized training for each salesperson.

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Digital_Coaching.jpgPersonal Digital Mentoring For Managers

BrainX provides each manager with a coaching platform and advice on the best ways to motivate and coach each salesperson.

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Who else can say this?

J.D. Power and Associates conducted a study on training methods with over 5,000 sales people. They taught the same set of sales skills and knowledge to everyone so the only difference was the training methodology. BrainX outperformed every other training method including live training and other forms of online training. In fact, on average, the BrainX-trained sales people showed a 50% greater increase in sales than the other groups.

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Verbal Simulation System

The intelligent BrainX system delivers custom verbal simulations for your unique, real-world sales challenges, collects examples of best practices, and uses them to improve the performance of the entire team.

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Gamification that Lasts

Most Gamification systems lose effectiveness within 6 months. The clever BrainX brain experts spent two years studying the research on gamification and developed an entirely new approach that is fun, motivating and never loses its impact.

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Performance Guarantee


We guarantee sales performance will improve or your money back.


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