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The BrainX Advantage...

BrainX Personalized Learning: The Better Way.
arrow yellowPersonalized Learning SystemsOne-Size-Fits-All LMS & MOOCsWhy the difference matters
imgtbl1 A Personalized Learning System (PLS) assesses each learner & uses the assessment to build a personalized course of instruction. System issues all learners the same lessons in the same order regardless of their prior knowledge. Every learner is different Personalized Learning can leverage these differences to create high course completion rates. A "one size fits all approach ignores difference and research shows that this results in lower course completion rates.
imgtbl2 After instructions, PLS provides personalized practice sessions to reinforce knowledge & skills. Repeats on different days until the knowledge becomes locked in long term memory and the skill are mastered. The Systems typically offers reinforcement though a "one size fits all" knowledge check or exercise that is not repeated often enough to create mastery. A PLS offer the most effectives method to reinforce learning and heighten retention. Extensive research on the spacing effect used by PLS shows that "forgetting" on the drastically reduced if a learner can practice recalling and using learned information over specific intervals of days. Research on the limited reinforcement offered by the "one size fits" approach shows that participants forget the majority of what they learn within a relatively short time frame.
imgtbl3 Level 1 evaluation: A PLS must prove that a sustained performance increase has been achieved by learner. Level 1 Evaluation : Only offer a survey which had a favorable reaction to the course. The Personalized Learning Systems movement was founded on the belief that learning is only successful if it creates a sustained increase in performance. All other criteria, such as how participants rate a course are irrelevant if learned information is forgotten and performance is not improved.


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