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Accelerate Growth and Reduce Turnover

We help Chief Revenue Officers build cohesive training programs that enhance selling skills for Sales, Customer Success, Technical Support, and more.

Companies adopting our unified approach grow 180% faster than their competitors and significantly reduce turnover. (Source: McKinsey and Wharton) 

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How BrainX Works

Unlock Your Sales Team’s Full Potential

BrainX uses cutting-edge AI and neuroscience to deliver personalized training and coaching. Our QuickStart program guarantees a 20% increase in deals closed next month or you owe us nothing.

Here's how we do it:

1.    Daily 15-Minute Training: Short, impactful sessions that fit seamlessly into your team's schedule. Each session concludes with a mental toughness exercise, putting your salespeople in a peak performance mindset.
2.    Continuous Improvement Schedule: The daily 15-minute training sessions build on each other for continuous improvement. Here’s a typical weekly schedule:
o    Monday: BrainX teaches a new selling skill, integrating it with your real-world selling environment, including information about your company, competitors, products, and customer personas.
o    Tuesday: Each salesperson practices using the information with their BrainX AI coach.
o    Wednesday and Thursday: BrainX pairs salespeople for role-playing sessions. During these practical scenarios, salespeople take turns being the salesperson and the coach, with AI guidance on how to provide effective feedback.
o    Friday: Managers meet with their team of salespeople in the BrainX group coaching system, which provides situational questions and specific feedback. Managers combine this with their expertise to provide effective coaching. The sessions use the neuroscience of mastery and ensure that coaching aligns with what each salesperson worked on during the week.

The starting point is our 7-Minute sales personality assessment developed in conjunction with leading researchers from Harvard. For a limited time, we are making the assessment available for free. Watch the video to learn more.

Trusted By Great Companies

Why Should You Choose BrainX?

Because BrainX Is The Only System That Keeps You Out of the 3 Traps Associated with Current Sales Training!


Trap 1: Inspirational Training Without Real-World Knowledge

Many companies hire outside experts to teach generic selling skills without integrating the training with knowledge about the company's Industry, solutions, and customer needs. Research shows only about 18% of people can connect this type of generic sales skills training to real-world applications. For the rest, the training is quickly forgotten. 

The result: Even if you're part of the 18%, most of your salespeople won't benefit from this approach to sales training.


Trap 2: Online "Secret Sauce" Training That Wastes Time

You probably receive numerous emails weekly, inviting you to webinars or online courses promising to reveal the "secrets" to a selling skill like Asking Discovery Questions. Often, these sessions just rebrand established strategies, and because the trainers are often salespeople who like to talk and don't understand the neuroscience of learning, they stretch a 5-minute concept into an hour of babble. 

The result: Salespeople tune out on webinars and rarely complete online courses, wasting valuable time!


Trap 3: Telling Without Developing Rapid Adaptive Selling Ability

Simply telling salespeople what to do or how to do it isn’t training. Neuroscience research shows that mastery is 20% instruction and 80% effective practice with immediate expert feedback. Effective practice must be personalized and spread over multiple days to get the brain to grow the millions of new connections that salespeople need to effectively use the skill in a selling conversation - a process called Rapid Adaptive Selling Ability.

The result: Frustrated managers who pour their heart into coaching only to find that salespeople continuously fail to use selling strategies effectively, resulting in lost sales that could have been won.

BrainX Mental Toughness Training

The Power of an Effective and Repeatable Training and Coaching Process

For many companies, losing salespeople is their greatest risk. If you lost your best salespeople, how long would it take to get new hires up to full performance?

With BrainX, you have an effective, repeatable training and coaching process that transforms new hires into top performers in the shortest amount of time – guaranteed.

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