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Introducing BrainX Elite!

The World's Most Effective Sales Training  & Pre-Call Planning Platform

With BrainX Elite your team will instantly start closing more sales, making more money, and living a happier and more empowered life!

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Trusted By Companies on 7 Continents

The BrainX Elite Advantage

Like BrainX Legacy - which is used by companies on 7-continents to teach the core strategies from every major selling method - Elite is an intelligent system that adapts to each learner.  Elite assesses each salesperson to determine what they need to learn, builds a personalized set of instructional items and practice items along with a practice schedule that ensures every salesperson reaches mastery. The system goes beyond simplistic training to teach the advanced skills that create competition-crushing high-performance selling athletes.

What’s new in Elite is the intelligent pre call planning system that produces an instant increase in sales performance and the smart course system along with our best practices catalog of course content that together, lower the cost of training and reduce the time to competence.

No other training technology, celebrity trainer, sales training company or selling expert can match the increase in sales your team is guaranteed to experience with BrainX Elite.

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Learn about BrainX and research on effective training and coaching.

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An easy way to build sales training that produces mastery.

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How to use the rule of top performers to improve courses.

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A pre-call planning system for optimal performance & continuous improvement.

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Mental toughness & mindset training. Resiliency, confidence, intrinsic motivation.

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Verbal skills training simulator. Talking speed, tonality, empathy & more.

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BrainX - Research on Effective Training

The most important components of training are quality content and effective practice - not engaging Video

The research shows that you could have a salesperson learn about a sales strategy from instructions written on a roll of toilet paper, and, with effective practice, they will outperform salespeople who watch the most expensive video.  It isn’t that BrainX doesn’t use video where it is appropriate – it is just that we recognize video should never be a selling point for a robust training system.

On the other hand, low-quality content – like having salespeople waste time watching videos produced by junior salespeople with little real-world experience - will never generate market-dominating salespeople.

When leaders ask salespeople to invest the practice time required to reach mastery, leaders must insist that instruction focuses only on the important knowledge and the most effective skills.

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BrainX Learners

Building Effective Training

Every learner has a different level of prior knowledge about a topic and needs a different level of practice to achieve mastery.

One size fits all instruction, or one size fits all training webinars – even when presented by a celebrity trainer - are too advanced for some salespeople who end up getting lost and too slow for others who tune out.  One-size-fits-all practice never includes the right amount of repetition to produce mastery, so almost everything taught in the instruction is quickly forgotten.

The BrainX system uses built-in intelligence to modify every component of instruction and practice to each individual learner and ensures that each learner reaches mastery.

The BrainX system uses built-in intelligence to modify every component of teaching and practice to each individual learner and ensures that each learner reaches mastery.

Content creators use the robust content creation tools to create content in segments that the intelligent BrainX system adapts to each learner.

For example, a new-hire might be taught basic concepts before moving on to advanced concepts on a topic while a top performer will test out of the basic material and go right to advanced concepts.

Likewise, the number of times a salesperson repeats a study session or work in a verbal simulator is automatically adjusted to what each learner needs to reach mastery.

Why Practice Must Be Spaced

Creating mastery requires the brain to grow anywhere from thousands to millions of new connections in the cortex.  How many new connections depends on the robustness of the learner’s current neural network on the subject.

Growing connections takes time. To compensate, your brain has a miraculous component that stores knowledge temporarily until it is written to your cortex by the growing of new connections. However, this system has limited capacity, is easily overwritten by other information, and almost everything is forgotten within 36 hours.

This temporary storage explains why a salesperson can watch a video and immediately pass a test yet, without additional practice, cannot pass the same test a week later.

The wonderful news is that there are research-proven ways to speed-up long-term memory formation and true mastery.  BrainX leverages our patented technology and experience to speed up the growth of connections.

In short, BrainX produces durable memories and mastery in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort.

BrainX Brain Connections
BrainX Top Performers Runners

Using the Rule of Top Performers

The Rule of Top Performers

All top performing salespeople do a set of things better than the average performers, yet no two top performers do the same set of things better. Therefore, by capturing the things that each top performer does differently and integrating those things into coursework we can improve the performance of every salesperson, including the other top performers.

Bruce Lewolt

The BrainX team has the advantage of having used the patented BrainX sales training platform to teach the top strategies from almost every major selling methodology. This includes SPIN, Consultative Selling, Strategic Selling, Action Selling, Impact, Value-Based Selling, Sandler, Challenger Selling, and more.

We also have technology and a methodology to determine the set of best practices used the top performers at a company. 

As a result we combine our experience with the best practices of your top performers to develop  a custom set of courses for your company that maximize sales performance.

The instruction and practice are delivered on the BrainX platform that adapts the training and practice to each salesperson.

Pre-Call Planning Tools

Salespeople log into system and select a call type for an upcoming conversation with a prospect.  For example, the first call with a potential internal advocate, a discovery call and presentation, a follow-up meeting, a price and terms negotiation call, etc.

Next, the system guides the salesperson through a quick process that prepares the perfect plan for the call.

They intelligent system is able to  customize each plan to your company, products, unique value propositions, competitive position, market conditions, customer needs, and much more.

A call plan is not a rigid script or a one-size-fits-all plan.  Instead, it provides the salesperson with flexibility while ensuring that nothing important is skipped and that the salesperson uses the best strategies in the best possible way.

BrainX Pre Call Plan
BrainX Mental Toughness Training

Mental Toughness Training

The BrainX mental toughness training for salespeople was developed by America’s leading mental toughness trainers who have helped professional athletes win championships, and Olympic athletes win gold medals.  

The mental toughness for salespeople courses train salespeople to control their emotions and operate at peak performance levels.

Verbal Skills Training

Salespeople often lose winnable deals because they talk too fast, respond to customer concerns without expressing empathy, lack positiveness and enthusiasm when describing a product or use tonality in some other inappropriate way.

The problem is that just telling salespeople to slow down or be more empathetic or add more positiveness to their tonality doesn’t work. 

What does work is having salespeople use our intelligent verbal simulator to practice important parts of conversations with prospects like opening the call, asking questions, responding to objections, and asking for the order. The verbal trainer provides real-time feedback on all the important verbal components of speech.


BrainX Verbal Skills Training
Bruce Lewolt

The chief designer of the BrainX technology has internationally granted patents on training technology. He worked on National Science Foundation funded teams that studied robust learning, and he is driven by a passion for helping everyone reach their full learning potential.


Bob Perkins

AA-ISP Chairman

"After spending 8 months evaluating sales training platforms we selected BrainX because it produced the best results and conformed to our objective of building a sustained increase in sales performance"

Sales Certification Organizations

In an age of watered-down training, most sales-related certifications offered by organizations are not worth the paper they are printed on.

The exception is the Global Inside Sales Association that offers a robust set of certification courses for inside sales professionals.  They deliver these courses on the BrainX system that personalizes the instruction and practice to each learner and ensures that each salesperson reaches mastery.