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Business to Consumer and Call Center Sales Training Solutions

The experts at BrainX use a proprietary process to map the different types of sales conversations your salespeople have with prospects and determine the knowledge and skills required to mastery each conversation type.  The result is a complete topic list that we use to develop custom training, practice items and an easy-to-use manager coaching system for your company.
Courses make use of the BrainX simulations, coaching tools and other practice items that get each salesperson to achieve total mastery in the shortest amount of time.  Total mastery is the key to unlocking sustained increases in sales performance.
To save money on custom course development, we use our B2C lesson library. These lessons incorporate the best practices from the major selling methodologies and our work with sales teams all over the world.
Partial Business To Consumer and Call Center Sales Training Topic List.
  1. Opening the Call and Capturing Interest
  2. Building Rapport
  3. Establishing Credibility
  4. Determining Personality Type and Conversation Style
  5. Getting at the Big Why (Inbound)
  6. Tonality, Pacing, and Avoiding Verbal Turn-Offs
  7. Questions and Discovery
  8. Customer Perspective
  9. Handling Objections
  10. Gaining Agreement
  11. Value Propositions
  12. Ethical and Effective Selling to Seniors
  13. Active Listening
  14. Price Negotiation