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Mental Toughness Training for Salespeople and Managers

Mental Toughness Courses for Salespeople teach all the important mental toughness methods and included advanced exercises that salespeople use to apply the mental toughness training to their jobs and lives.
Mental Toughness Courses for Managers start with all the lessons, activities and personal mentoring included with the salesperson versions of the courses. In addition, the managers have extra lessons that focus on implementation and being an effective sales coach.  As a result, each manager learns how to manage salespeople in a way that maximizes individual and team performance.


Course 1: Olympic Level Drive & Focus

Salesperson version

  1. Introduction
  2. Why a salesperson’s success depends on their ability to compete
  3. The importance of the right mindset and attitude
  4. What is mental toughness?
  5. How this mental toughness training will help a salesperson dramatically improve sales performance
  6. How mental toughness training will help in other areas of your life
  7. Understanding the brain’s motivation systems
  8. Building strong intrinsic motivation
  9. Limiting Beliefs
  10. Techniques for overcoming limiting beliefs
  11. Activities and Coaching

Course 2: Professional Level Performance Under Pressure

  1. Understanding the brain functions that affect performance
  2. Controlling the mental factors that hurt performance
  3. Learning how to get the brain into a high performance “zone” mindset
  4. How to develop your own pre-call performance routine to get their brain into the peak performance zone mindset at the start of each customer interaction
  5. How to develop your own post-call performance routine to clear their mind of what happened on the previous call and reset their emotions, so a bad call doesn’t have lingering effects
  6. Pressure
  7. Understanding how the brain responds to pressure and anxiety
  8. Learning how to use mental control strategies to thrive under pressure
  9. Mental Skills Training for controlling the distractible mind
  10. Mental toughness methods and training for maintaining high performance focus under the pressure of a high-stakes selling presentation or fast-paced call center

Course 3: Mindsets

  1. Using Physical Techniques to Affect the Mind
  2. How to get to the calm, focused state of mind using purposeful, progressive breathing
  3. Exercises for connecting the physical state to the emotional state
  4. Mental Imagery
  5. What is Visualization and why is it so important to effective selling
  6. Techniques for increasing the power of mental images
  7. Using imagery to manage emotions, improve concentration, and enhance confidence
  8. Using visualization to prepare for interactions with customers

Course 4: Level Three Mental Skills Training

  1. Using Emotional Intelligence as a competitive tool
  2. Understanding the emotional functions in your customer’s brains that drive selling relationships and decisions
  3. Mastering mental toughness strategies for controlling the emotional path of the sale
  4. What is Theory of Mind and why is it so important to effective selling
  5. Mental toughness exercises for increasing your Theory of Mind awareness