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Your Scarcest Resource and Biggest Training Risk

by Bruce Lewolt on May 11, 2016

Your scarcest resource is the time salespeople have available to train and your biggest risks are training in a way or on a topic that doesn’t optimize training time.

When training works it produces valuable sustained increases in sales performance. Making it work means that the training creates a permanent improvement in behavior which only happens if the course content is mastered. Personalized training optimizes valuable training time by getting each learner to mastery in the shortest amount of time. Having the ability to identify the content that produces the greatest increase in sales is the final step in ensuring that you optimize the use of your scarcest resource. 

Personalized: Think about your top salesperson and one of your average salespeople. When they come into training, what are the chances that they have the same level of prior knowledge about the subject, absorb information at the same rate or need the same amount of practice to reach mastery? None, right? This is why research done by the AST and others show that for sales training to be effective it must be personalized to each salesperson.

The smart BrainX system can personalize any training to any person. You can use BrainX to personalize new hire training, for the continuous training of your current salesforce or to quickly teach a sales skill.

Mastery: Think about when you first learned to drive a car. Your conscious thinking capacity was totally occupied with the mechanics of driving, leaving very little left to focus on road.  Eventually your brain wrote programming at the sub-conscious level to automate the mechanics of driving which freed up the conscious centers of your brain to focus on the road. The same is true if sales skills aren’t practiced to the point where the brain achieves sub-conscious mastery. Salespeople can’t listen effectively when their conscious thinking capacity is filled with the steps in a sales process that hasn’t been mastered.

The intelligent BrainX system incorporates over 200 published research studies on accelerated mastery-based learning.  Every day the system develops a set of personalized practice questions and verbal simulations for each salesperson. These items are incorporated into short daily practice sessions that continue till each salesperson achieves sub-conscious mastery.

The Best Training Topics: Clearly there are multiple ways of approaching every step in a sale. Picking the best approach vs. the second best approach can mean a 10 to 30 percent improvement in sales performance. This is why the BrainX library of expert content includes courses from a variety of trainers who take different approaches. We also include a way to A/B test different approaches to determine the best approach for your team.

Topics: Effective Sales Training, Personalized Sales Training