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by Bruce Lewolt on September 2, 2016

Here is an example of one of the biggest ways a lack of emotional intelligence skills causes your company to lose winnable sales.

 Many sales reps are high in the Socializer Temperament Factor which comes across as energetic, talkative and very upbeat. While this personality naturally builds rapport with some people, when a Socializer rep encounters a prospect with the analytical, detail-oriented, Engineering temperament the following happens:

  1. Engineers are wary of Socializers, who they don’t perceive as serious enough, and therefore don’t accept what they say at face value. So, the Engineer continuously pushes back and asks for documentation and detail in what seems like a critical way.  Also, people with the Engineer temperament operate at a lower energy level compared to the Socializer and don’t respond in kind to the Socializer’s friendly chit-chat.
  2. The Engineer’s lower energy level and unwillingness to chit-chat make the Socializer feel that the prospect is unfriendly– which the Socializer takes personally. Combine this with the critical-sounding nature of the Engineer’s questions and the Socializer prematurely concludes that this person is unlikely to buy. You can almost hear the Socializer emotionally disengage as they disqualify the prospect in their mind, classify every additional minute with the prospect as a waste of time and end the call as soon as possible.

This lack of emotional intelligence costs you money for two reasons. First is the lost sale that could have been won if the salesperson simply understood how the Engineer type prefers to interact and adapted their communication and selling methods to what works with the Engineering temperament. Second is the lost referral sales because people with the Engineering temperament have credibility with others because of their critical analysis skills and love to tell others what they just purchased.

The Solution

The 7MTF System combines the world’s most accurate method for quickly identifying a customer’s temperament with training on how to adapt every part of your sales process to each customer’s temperament type.

The training is delivered on the intelligent BrainX online platform which personalizes training to each learner, prevents forgetting and creates mastery. Because we deliver the 7MTF training on the BrainX system, it comes with the BrainX 200% guarantee. The guarantee means you can test the 7MTF training against any other sales training, and if it doesn’t double the increase in sales produced by the other training, we will refund every dime you paid for our training.

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