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According to Wikipedia, DISC was developed from a book psychologist William Marston wrote in 1928 called Emotions of Normal People. Marston theorized that all people could be classified by two factors. First, does the person view his environment as favorable or unfavorable (optimist/pessimist) The second was if a person sees himself as being able to control his environment or not. Since this second factor is situational, someone’s DISC profile might change. For example, a parent might view themselves as having a lot of control at home and little or no control at work.

In contrast 7MTF looks at core factors of temperament and core motivations which are situationally stable. 7MTF is based the Five Factor Model (FFM) which is the most widely validated and respected model of human temperament. It was developed in the 1990’s superseding older models like Myer-Briggs and 16PF. In addition to FFM, the 7MTF model incorporates that latest research on core human motivation factors.

The best way to see the difference is to take both profiles and look for two things.

  1. Which one fits you the closest.
  2. Which one provides the most actionable information.

Based on our experience we are confident you will answer 7MTF to both questions.

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