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Use the BrainX Easy-to-Use Platform and Turn-Key Services to:


A. Develop a Sales Process:

Develop a sales process based on the science of emotions and persuasion-a process that guides each prospective customer along the ideal business decision path and personal emotional journey required to make a purchase.

B. Develop Custom Courses:

Build custom sales training courses using our comprehensive content development system and turn-key course development services. We combine course material developed by leading experts in all aspects of selling with information about your solutions and real world selling conditions. The result is custom online training that covers everything your salespeople need to know about your company, solutions, basic selling skills and advanced emotional journey selling skills in order to successfully execute your new sales process. We also offer mental toughness training.

C. Focus on Personalized Training:

BrainX uses a patented intelligent online training system and custom coursework to individually train each salesperson to the point of mastery. This mastery gives them rapid adaptive reasoning abilities and allows them to instantly adjust to the twists and turns of every customer’s emotional journey. Independent research shows that salespeople master and retain 3 times more when a course is delivered through BrainX than when the same course is delivered live or through standard online learning.

D. Provide Coaching Cues:

BrainX automates performance psychology by developing and continually providing managers with coaching session plans tailored to each salesperson.

The Science Of Sales Training

BrainX = The Easiest & Fastest Way to Increase Sales!

Only BrainX can offer you:

  • A sales training system designed specifically for your company
  • Your content, or a custom-fit of ours - no wasted time with generic content
  • The best training simulations in the industry including verbal exchanges
  • Personalized training that adapts to each learner - saving time & money
  • A science-based approach with a proven track record
  • A Money-Back Guarantee

The Daily Workouts that Expand ROI

BrainX offers learners ongoing support through daily reinforcement. It’s called the “Daily Workout”, which is 10-15 minutes of training activity customized for each rep and pushed out every morning. The workout reinforces past learning and can teach reps new things while also getting them into the right mindset for the day.

Research shows that team members produce more of every significant metric of success when they start the day with a short amount of Mental Toughness or Sales Skills Training.

Because the lessons are customized for each person, BrainX ensures that everyone gets support for what they need to improve on and no one wastes a minute of valuable time going over material they have already mastered.


We Guarantee Sales Performance Will Improve By At Least Twenty-Five Percent Or Your Money Back

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