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Fortify Your Team to Satisfy Your Customers

With traditional LMS training, learners often struggle to remember new information for more than a few days, let alone use it successfully when the pressure is on. Training can actually cause a drop in performance as well add costs in terms of down time.

But BrainX helps solve the problem of forgetting. It can act like a coach to support mental toughness, allowing a salesperson or customer service rep to focus and engage effectively with each customer.

The Daily Workouts that Expand ROI

Additionally, BrainX offers learners ongoing support through daily reinforcement. It’s called the “Daily Workout”, which is 10-15 minutes of training activity customized for each rep and pushed out every morning. The workout reinforces past learning and can teach reps new things while also getting them into the right mindset for the day.

Research shows that team members produce more of every significant metric of success when they start the day with a short amount of Mental Toughness or Skills Training.

Because the lessons are customized for each person, BrainX ensures that everyone gets support for what they need to improve on and no one wastes a minute of valuable time going over material they have already mastered.

The Science Of Sales Training

BrainX = The Easiest & Fastest Way to Increase Sales!

With BrainX you can

  • Create training content that the system personalizes to the needs of each learner
  • Provide verbal skills training in real-world verbal response simulations
  • Insure that managers provide effective coaching

Unlike traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS), BrainX is a Personalized Learning System (PLS) that offers highly customizable online training with personalized instruction and real-world simulations to dramatically increase Call Center performance.

Documented Results

  • 50% Reduction in New Hire Attrition Rates
  • 33% Reduction in the Time Required for New Hires to Reach Full Productivity
  • 90% Increase in Sales of Target Products and Solutions


We Guarantee Sales Performance Will Improve By At Least Twenty-Five Percent Or Your Money Back

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