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There is a very real need among managers to understand what makes people “tick”– what makes them behave as they do. Surveys of experienced business managers continuously rank people skills as the most important component of the successful manager. Great managers have a strong desire to understand the temperament of their subordinates, peers and superiors.

Within every group of employees there are some who are more difficult to manage than others. Some are more responsive to peer pressure, some need to be left alone, some respond best to authoritarian pressure. One of the main errors that people make in trying to understand others is to judge them by their own tendencies. For example, it is a common mistake of those who are easily discouraged to expect others to be as easily discouraged as they are by every difficulty. Those who are more selfish than average protect themselves unnecessarily against the selfishness which they expect to find in others. Those with strong self-control and self-discipline tend to be impatient with others who fail to control themselves as successfully.

The 7MTF assessment and training provides managers with a way to understand those around them in order to manage them more effectively

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