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BrainX combines the science of neuroplasticity and memory formation with 15 years of our proprietary research on digital instruction, to create the world’s most effective personalized learning system – no other system comes even close.

With BrainX, “Learning” means “Mastery”

By way of example, when a sales person “masters” both product knowledge and selling skills, their brain is able to integrate the two in real time and respond competently when a prospect asks a question. This means that their brain is able to correctly recall the right product information, mentally evaluate the proper selling strategy to employ, and effectively integrate this information to deliver a verbal response that is both accurate and effective.

In the brain, mastery is achieved in a two-step process.

An illustration: A new rider’s first attempts at riding a bicycle.

An experienced bicycle rider gives a new rider some instructions on holding the handle bars, pedaling and steering. Perhaps the novice is thinking, “Not too difficult! It doesn’t look that hard!” But even though the new rider understands the instructions, they aren’t likely to jump on a bike and ride unassisted the first or second time they try. Understanding the instructions is not enough.

Now fast forward a short amount of time or days. The new rider has had several assisted practice sessions (and might be wearing a few band aids at the elbows.) With each practice their riding has become steadier—and then an amazing thing happens—like magic, they’re riding on your own.

What happened?
After enough continual practice of a new skill, the brain reaches a point where it subconsciously decides, “This is an important skill.” The brain then responds by writing new skill performance instructions for itself— instructions much like a computer software program.

Going forward, whenever they mount a bicycle, their brain’s bicycle riding program instantly starts asking for information and giving directions. For example, it tells their inner ear to help adjust for weight on the bike to maintain proper balance. Next, the program may ask the eyes for information to use to help adjust the pressure that the arms and hands exert on the handle bars in order to steer around obstacles.

While all this is happening in nanosecond speed, what the rider knows about speed, cars, obstacles, and how fast they want to go is running through the “program” to change commands to hundreds of muscles in the legs and feet. In turn, this determines how fast they peddle or if their muscles should be preparing to brake, and so forth. The process is amazing!

Mastery learning is not limited to things learned as a child. Anything that needs to be done well must be learned to the point of mastery.

The Two Steps to Mastery

Brains learn to master things in two steps or phases. The first step is "Initial Understanding." This occurs when the brain receives instruction in a way that it can understand.

The second step is called "Memory Reactivation." Reactivation requires a series of practices (BrainX calls these study or reinforcement sessions.) When study sessions are optimally timed, the brain is challenged to use the new skill information on different days with nights of sleep in between.

BrainX uses a variety of methods to accomplish “Initial Understanding,” some of which may be material to read or a video to watch. The system also uses experiential learning objects like simulations. In some courses, the lessons are even be available in multiple languages.

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