The BrainX Advantage for Education & Schools

Effective and Personalized eLearning for all Students

Part of our commitment to give back to the community is to make the BrainX system available to schools. In schools BrainX is primarily used to help struggling learners dramatically improve their academic performance. It is remarkably effective with English Learners, Special Education Students and students with low motivation levels. The success of BrainX with struggling learners has earned BrainX prestigious honors as well as extensive positive write ups in T.H.E Journal and other publications. BrainX is also used to help high performing learners reach even greater levels of academic achievement.

BrainX created its Personalized Learning System by observing and correcting the flaws in all other e-learning systems. A 2009 study done by the U.S. Government concluded the two primary reasons that e-learning fails is that students can find ways to ‘complete’ work without really learning anything, and the e-learning platforms don’t strive to produce mastery, so learned information is quickly forgotten.

How BrainX Maintains Recall and Counteracts the Forgetting Curve

How BrainX Maintains Recall and Counteracts the Forgetting Curve

BrainX uses a new approach to online learning that is based on extensive brain research. This approach accelerates learning and reinforces learned information for all students. The chart above shows the retention difference between a group of students who used traditional instruction and a group that used accelerated learning strategies. This study shows that the traditional study group only retained 28% of the learned information while the group using accelerated learning strategies retained 95% two weeks after instruction was provided.

In addition to being effective, BrainX is also convenient with the ability to use it anytime and anywhere there is Internet connection. Each student works with a personalized digital tutor to keep them engaged without breaking the bank. The system accommodates all types of learners with audio and video coursework in English and Spanish, which can be rewound unlike a traditional lecture. Top this off with the system’s tutor and teacher messaging, detailed reporting and patented algorithms that create a one of a kind learning experience with built in learner accountability to achieve unprecedented results.

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