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BrainX Isn't For Everyone!



We Never Intended To Appeal To Everyone!

Just to the thoughtful sales leader who dares to buck the trend of lightweight sales training that is quickly forgotten and instead believes that sales training must produce verifiable mastery, or it is a waste of time and money. A leader like you!

We get it. Some training companies claim that your sales team will reject the type of robust training required to maximize sales performance.  Therefore, they recommend hiding lightweight sales training systems inside overly complex readiness solutions in the same way a pet owner hides a vitamin pill inside a hot dog.  

What the lightweight training system providers are really saying is,

“we think your salespeople are too stupid for robust training.”

BrainX Disagrees!


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Our Founder

Bruce Lewolt

Our founder and the chief designer of the BrainX technology has the only internationally granted patent on training technology that leverages research on the type of mastery that produces highly effective salespeople. He worked on National Science Foundation funded teams that studied robust learning and he is driven by a passion to help your salespeople reach their full selling potential.

The BrainX system has been used by companies on seven continents to teach every major selling methodology including SPIN, Consultative Selling, Strategic Selling, Action Selling, Impact, Value-Based Selling, Challenger Selling and more.

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Bruce Lewolt


Bob Perkins, Chairman
The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

“After spending 8 months evaluating sales training systems we selected the BrainX system because it produced the best results.”

The Most Critical Components Of Training Are Quality Content and Effective Practice - Not Compelling Video

The truth is that you could have a salesperson learn about a sales strategy from instructions written on a roll of toilet paper and, with effective practice, they will outperform salespeople who watch the most expensive video.  It isn’t that BrainX doesn’t use video where it is appropriate – it is just that we recognize video should never be a selling point for a robust training system.

On the other hand, low-quality content – like having salespeople waste time watching videos produced by junior salespeople with little real-world experience - will never generate market-dominating salespeople.

If salespeople are going to invest the time to reach mastery, leaders must insist that training time is focused on the most effective skills, taught in the most effective way.  

Who Else Can Say This?

J.D. Power and Associates conducted a study on training methods with over 5,000 salespeople. They taught the same set of sales skills and knowledge to everyone so the only difference was the training methodology. BrainX outperformed every other training method including live training and other forms of online training. In fact, on average, the BrainX-trained salespeople showed a 50% greater increase in sales than the other groups.


Every Learner Is Unique

Every learner has a different level of prior knowledge about a topic and needs a different level of practice to achieve mastery.

One size fits all courses, or one size fits all training webinars – even when presented by a celebrity trainer -  are too advanced for some salespeople who end up getting lost and too slow for others who tune out.  one-size-fits-all training never includes the right amount of practice to produce mastery, so almost everything taught in the instruction is quickly forgotten.

The BrainX system uses built-in intelligence to modify every component of teaching and practice to each individual learner and ensures that each learner reaches mastery.

Peter Foley, SVP Sales and Client Services
Answer Financial Inc.

“We are in a very competitive industry where the performance of our sales team is one of our greatest competitive advantages. When we were first introduced to the BrainX system we liked the research behind the design - especially the smart way the online platform personalized instruction and practice to each person. However, we were skeptical that it would work in our fast paced environment, so we did extensive testing. The results were so compelling that we expanded it companywide.”

Why Practice Must Be Spaced

Personal Digital Mentoring For Managers

Creating mastery requires the brain to grow anywhere from thousands to millions of new connections in the cortex.  How many new connections depends on the robustness of the learner’s current neural network on the topic. 

Growing connections takes time. To compensate, your brain has a miraculous component that stores knowledge temporarily until it is written to your cortex by the growing of new connections. However, this system has limited capacity, is easily overwritten by other information and almost everything is forgotten within 36 hours.

This temporary storage explains why a salesperson can watch a video and immediately pass a test yet, without additional practice, be unable to pass the same test a week later.

The good news is that there are research-proven ways to speed-up long term memory formation and true mastery.  BrainX leverages our patented technology and experience to accelerate the growth of connections. 

In short, BrainX produces durable memories and mastery in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort.

Sales Training Should Build Self-Efficacy, Not Self-Esteem

Personal Digital Coaching For Salespeople

If you want to build a salesperson’s self-esteem, tell them to get a dog. 

If you want to improve a salesperson’s performance, increase their mental toughness and self-efficacy.

Stanford researcher, Carol Dweck Ph.D., showed that High levels of self-esteem that aren’t supported by higher levels of true competence produce self-entitled salespeople who crack and complain under pressure.

The BrainX system combines mental toughness strategies with strategies to build self-efficacy  - which is a person’s well-founded belief in their ability to do something. This formula produces salespeople with the competence and confidence to execute the most effective selling strategies and skills in all circumstances – even under intense pressure.


Verbal Simulation System

Verbal Simulation System

The intelligent BrainX system delivers custom verbal simulations for your unique, real-world sales challenges, collects examples of best practices, and uses them to improve the performance of the entire team.


Gamification that Lasts

Gamification that Lasts

Most Gamification systems lose effectiveness within 6 months. The clever BrainX brain experts spent two years studying the research on gamification and developed an entirely new approach that is fun, motivating and never loses its impact.



Why Do We Need Another Learning System?

Because the nature of selling is very much like athletic competition where knowledge and skills must be mastered to the level athletes call Muscle Memory. Otherwise, under the competitive pressure of selling, the salesperson will revert to their old behavior. To be successful in the competitive sales environment requires a level of mastery that can only be obtained with personalized instruction and repetitive individualized practice. Finally, the practice must be with real world scenarios where salespeople record verbal responses so both the content and the verbal delivery can be evaluated.

Learning management systems play the components of a course in the same way to everyone regardless of their prior knowledge, rate at which they absorb information, or the amount of practice they need to reach mastery. Instead of real world simulations that require effective verbal responses, an LMS asks multiple choice questions. In competitive selling situations, prospects don’t ask multiple choice questions.

In head-to-head tests where the exact same course content on overcoming objections was delivered on an LMS and in the BrainX system, the LMS group saw no increase in performance because the salespeople didn’t master the material and therefore reverted to their old behavior. As a result the time the sales team invested in training was totally wasted. On the other hand, the group that used BrainX mastered the material, changed their behavior and produced a 22.5% increase in sales.


We Guarantee Sales Performance Will Improve By At Least Twenty-Five Percent Or Your Money Back

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