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For over 40 years Chris Golis, the visionary behind 7MTF has used research on temperament (the emotionally driven part of our personality determined by our genes) called the Humm-Wadsworth to master relationships and build successful careers first as a technology salesperson, then as a manager for large companies and finally as a successful venture capitalist. Recently Chris led a team of respected experts who examined the Humm in relation to what has now become the most widely accepted and scientifically valid theory of human personality used by organizational psychologists. This is called the Five Factor Model or FFM and was developed in the 1990s superseding models developed 50 years earlier such as DISC, Myer-Briggs and the 16PF. To his amazement when he combined FFM with the latest research on human motivation he came up with 7 factors that work together to form our unique personality. While these 7 are more sophisticated than the original Humm 7 they were completely aligned. He described each of the 7 factors that the research produced and called them the 7 Motivation/Temperament Factors or 7MTF for short.

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