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In order for the brain to successfully master a new skill through the two-step learning process, BrainX addresses the problem of forgetting.

After the first step of "Initial Understanding" comes the second and most important step: “Memory Reactivation.” This requires a learner to think about - and experience - solving a problem.

How BrainX Maintains Recall and Counteracts the Forgetting Curve

BrainX Pilot Proves Better Retention

The chart above represents the results of a pilot program where results of a BrainX-trained group (GREEN line) are compared to the results of a group trained with traditional LMS (YELLOW line). The chart demonstrates what happened over a period of two weeks following a new skill lesson.

Both groups received the same instruction and understood the material to the same degree. When testing was done immediately at the end of the lesson, learners in both groups remembered an average 80% of the instruction.

The LMS-trained group (YELLOW line) was tested again at the following intervals with the following results:

2 days: 52% is retained
1 week: 42% is retained
2 weeks: only 28% is retained

In effect, the YELLOW line illustrates a dramatic forgetting curve for this group of learners.

The BrainX-trained group (GREEN line) had a much different outcome: 2 weeks after the instruction they are able to recall 95% of the instruction. This was an even higher recall rate than the 80% they had at the end of the lesson!

Memory Reactivation is Key

The reason the BrainX group had much better results than the LMS group is that they used the BrainX Study Session system to reactivate their memories of the lecture on three different days—Day 2, Day 7 and Day 14 following the initial instruction. The study sessions achieved two things. First, they solve the problem of forgetting. Second, they prompt the brain to write new skill programming so the learners can effectively recall and use the information.

Neuroscience still cannot fully explain the miraculous way the brain is able to write sophisticated “new skill” programming. We do know what triggers the brain to write the programming: it is Memory Reactivation. In summary, the three keys to effective memory reactivation are:

  1. Practice should happen on different days, with sleep between study sessions.
  2. As a learner gets closer to mastery, there should be more days between study sessions.
  3. Reactivation must be active, such that learners are doing something with the information.

Research has shown that passive practice, like re-listening to a lesson or re-reading a product manual, is not as effective as active practice.

No Two Brains Train the Same

Research also shows that answering questions and participating in active simulations are the 2 most effective methods for stimulating memory reactivation to develop mastery. These work best when the learner has to recall and use information in a real world context. Mastery results when:

  1. The reactivation schedule is personalized to each learner.
  2. The questions and simulations are not generic, but instead are as realistic as possible.
  3. An “over-training” strategy is used to deliver the questions and simulations: they start at the learner’s current level and then increase in difficulty until they’re actually harder then what the learner will experience on the job.

When a company rolls out new products, the “Initial Understanding” training can be given to everyone at the same time. However, "Memory Reactivation" is most effective when it is tailored for each learner as follows:

  1. the exact day that each reactivation session is scheduled
  2. the material to be included in the reactivation
  3. the intensity of the reactivation

This schedule is a function of how difficult it was for the learner to gain initial understanding and the learner's natural forgetting curve. In addition, which parts of the instruction are reactivated in each study session must also be personalized to each learner.

Only BrainX is able to meet these complex learning challenges. The BrainX Personalized Learning System uses a patented system and proprietary algorithms to figure the ideal memory reactivation schedule for each learner, as well as to determine what material should be reactivated for each learner in each study session or simulation.

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