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Large Insurance Call Center Increases Sales of Target Products by 90%

The Problem

One of the largest call centers for selling insurance wanted to increase the percentage of customers who purchased packages of solutions as opposed to only one type of insurance.

The BrainX Solution

BrainX sent in a team of consultants who interviewed call center agents and listened to their calls. These experts were able to identify a list of knowledge and skills required to master the ability to sell packages.  The BrainX content creation team created an assessment for the system to use to determine what knowledge and skills each rep already knew and to create a gap list of what they still needed to learn. They also created a set of training and practice content for each item on the master list of knowledge and skills.

The Intelligent BrainX system used the assessment to build a gap list for each sales rep and then used the gap list and the content to build a personal course of instruction for each sales representative.  Finally the system converted the personalized courses into a set of 10 to 15 minute Personal Daily Learning Workouts that each rep completed at the start of their shifts. 

The result was a 90% increase in the percentage of sales that included packages.

Audi, Hyundai and GM (China) - Retail Sales & Service Reps

The Problem

These automotive retail and manufacturing companies are faced with meeting the fast-growing demand in the competitive Chinese marketplace. They wanted to increase retail sales, as well as improve “upselling” and customer satisfaction in their automotive service divisions, but they were frustrated with traditional Learning Management System (LMS) training because it not been successful in producing measurable sustained increases in sales or service performance

Furthermore, their sales and service rep teams were comprised of a hugely diverse group of people, so they also needed a system that could mold the content and pace of training to a wide range of learners with different learning backgrounds, knowledge and experience. Their automotive customer satisfaction consulting partner, J.D. Power, spent 8 months evaluating and testing various learning systems, and they presented a solution powered by BrainX.

The BrainX Solution

BrainX’s initial engagement involved building a pilot PLS loaded with “Power University” content and customized for Audi’s China division. The Audi pilot proved to be very successful and pilot systems were deployed for Hyundai and GM.

Charles Mills, VP Global Retail Practice for JD Power noted: “With BrainX, our clients were able to quickly see measurable sustained increases in sales and service rep performance. Their teams didn’t have to waste time with material they were already competent in, but could learn new skills and product facts at their own rate, with ongoing improvement.”

JD Power also asked BrainX to deliver a “Daily Workout”, which is 10-15 minutes of training activity pushed out to each rep every morning. The workout reinforced past learning, and taught reps new things while also getting them into the right mindset for the day.

Based on the pilot successes, the clients reordered, and J.D. Power has plans to develop and release BrainX-powered PLS training for additional global market clients and domestically as well.

Large Telecommunications Company – High Attrition Rate Reduced to Almost Zero

The Problem

This company is highly rated as the “provide of choice” for data, voice, network and cloud solutions to many Fortune 500 companies. Creating a superior customer experience is a top priority for the company, so when their customer service team turnover rate for new hires measured at 35%, the director of training began looking for a solution.

She realized the traditional LMS training their team received was not adequately preparing them for what they experienced on customer phone calls, creating frustration for both the reps and the customers.

The BrainX Solution

Working closely with the company to fully understand their business, processes, content and opportunities, BrainX built a Personalized Learning System based on the company’s original content and delivered it to meet the individual training needs of each customer service rep.

The system offered not just the information, but the intense reinforcement the team needed to achieve mastery and build confidence. The system also delivered simulations that focused on the critical points in real calling situations to give each call center agent the opportunity to practice their verbal responses until they mastered both the response and their verbal tone and pacing. So, while training content remained the same, delivering it in BrainX fortified both new and existing reps.

The training manager observed, “Reps were able to get on the phone, and instead of feeling overwhelmed, they thought ‘This is easier than I thought this was going to be.’ The results have been amazing – attrition in the first  month has dropped to almost zero, and our team is more effective, since there’s less lag time due to constant turnover.”

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