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BrainX incorporates hundreds of research-proven mastery learning strategies that have been converted into Personal Learning Algorithms. Here are two examples:

Personalized Engagement

Cutting-edge neuroscience research shows that the brain’s default response to receiving training is to send 2 to 20 percent of the material to long-term memory and 80 to 98 percent to short-term memory where it resides for a few seconds to as long as 24 hours, after which it is always purged. This is why learners can pass post-tests given immediately after instruction but fail the same tests give a few days later.

BrainX uses research-proven engagement methods that are personalized to each learner in a way that overrides this default and sends 90% or more of the instruction to long-term memory.

Personalized Spaced Reinforcement

Research shows that instruction alone cannot produce the level of mastery required for top performance in sales and customer service jobs- a level characterized by the ability to rapidly recall, adapt, and apply knowledge and skills during conversations with customers.

The fastest way to create this level of mastery is to practice recalling and using information on different days (Spacing Effect) where the difficulty of practice items increases as the learner’s skill increases (Ramping Effect). The ideal application of the spacing and ramping effects are as unique to each learner as their fingerprint.  The reason Learning Management and Talent Management systems are only marginally effective for sales and customer service training is that they cannot provide individualized spaced reinforcement along with difficulty ramping.

The Science Of Sales Training

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Personal Learning Profile

The intelligent BrainX system builds and continuously refines a learning profile on each learner. The profile includes the ideal setting for each of the Personal Learning Algorithms.

Daily Learning Workout

Companies who value continuous improvement use the BrainX function that creates a unique 7 to 15 minute daily learning workout for each employee.

Flexible Course Creation

Instead of creating one-size-fits-all courses, curriculum developers use the BrainX tools to create content packages. They can use their own content or content from the BrainX best practices library that includes material on sales skills, customer service skills, management, and mental toughness. The BrainX system converts a content package into a personalized course by combining the results of a pre-assessment with the Personal Learning Profile. This is why BrainX can use the same content package to train new hires and to build personal refresher courses that fill in gaps for experienced employees.

Prompted Coaching

When the Intelligent BrainX System senses that a learner needs coaching, a message is sent to the manager which includes exactly what to coach the learner on and how to deliver the coaching. In addition, at any time managers can get coaching suggestions for each of their direct reports. Coaching is tracked and the results recorded for reporting and future follow-up.


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