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Reduce “Time to Competency” by 25% or more


Let us load your “New Hire” training material into our BrainX Personalized Learning System.

Next, we’ll guarantee that for every 8 hours you currently invest to onboard a new team member, we will achieve the same level of training in 5 hours or less. We can make this guarantee with confidence because our system optimizes the delivery of the onboarding training to each trainee and uses research-proven learning strategies that accelerate the learning process.

Scripting vs. Knowing it “By Heart”

Nowadays customer service reps are bombarded with customer e-mails, voice mails, snail mail, phone calls, faxes or face - to- face interactions. Some customer service support systems use scripting to prompt the rep how to respond best. But over-use of scripting has been associated with lower job satisfaction, greater burnout and a higher intention to eventually quit the job.

Additionally, to solve customer problems faster, reps can be given more levels of authority at the first level of customer contact. But more authority means more knowledge and skills are needed, so effective training becomes even more important.

Traditional Learning Management System (LMS) training may deliver all the necessary and required information, but if reps don’t achieve mastery (so they “know it by heart”), they won’t remember it on the job and will likely be intimidated, stressed and not as effective as possible when beginning to work with customers.

BrainX PLS training solves the problem of forgetting and produces mastery. It can effectively help your customer service reps learn and retain knowledge, skills and tactics better than any other training system.

Post-training support is also critical. The BrainX “Daily Workout” of refresher or reinforcement training helps reps cement new knowledge in their subconscious memory (“know it by heart”). This frees up their brain to process important variables in real time and allows them to “think on their feet” with confidence and agility.

Reduce Turnover by Eliminating Root Causes of Burnout

Burnout and high attrition isn't much of a surprise when you consider what a new customer service rep faces. Some companies typically experience a 30% annual turnover in their team, which is very costly.

Most traditional LMS training does not adequately prepare customer service or sales people for what they experience when dealing first hand with customers or prospects, because knowledge is easily forgotten, which does not produce confidence or mastery.

But BrainX delivers more than knowledge – it fosters understanding and develops a new rep’s adaptive reasoning ability. It trains each rep uniquely based on their needs and learning rate, saving time and money. This allows new reps to recall the right product information and combine it with the right skills and tactics to effectively respond in any customer encounter.

The result is that new reps are able to begin connecting with customers sooner. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, their confidence and understanding make their stressful jobs easier. The result is that burnout and attrition during the first few critical months is significantly reduced. And retention means even more mastery, with ongoing improvement in Customer Satisfaction.

The Science Of Sales Training

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