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BrainX delivers a 300% higher sustained increase in sales performance than any other training.

Tired of Wasting Time & Money? Most executives distrust sales training, because their experience is one of disappointment and worse – of wasted time and money.

They want and NEED sustained increases in their team’s performance, but what typically happens is improvement and gains that are small and short-lived when salespeople revert to their previous behavior.

LMS training can eliminate the expense of travel to live sales training (or of bringing live training experts in house).

But they still can’t produce ongoing performance gains and lasting results.

And of course, there’s the cost of time spent training, and NOT producing.

Only BrainX delivers on all counts:

Low upfront costs, and the highest back-end value, with ongoing dividends.

We’re willing to guarantee it.

We will prove that our BrainX-powered training will create a sustained increase in your sales of no less than 5X what our training costs (average gains are 50X), or – We’ll give you your money back.


StoneStreet Capital had a good sales team with a handful of top producers. According to Gary Milwit, Sr. VP of Sales, after using personalized online training 92% of the sales team now out-performs those top producers.

This could happen for your team. Don’t Get Left Behind.

The Science Of Sales Training

BrainX = The Easiest & Fastest Way to Increase Sales!


We Guarantee Sales Performance Will Improve By At Least Twenty-Five Percent Or Your Money Back

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