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Working Memory vs. Knowing It “by Heart”

Most salespeople who get “live” or traditional LMS training struggle to remember new information for more than a few days, let alone use it successfully over time.

So what happens? Most revert to their old habits and familiar sales methods.

They also don’t present new products or services because they can’t effectively remember the new information.

Why? Because learning is a brain process: the brain writes a program to process information and thought in order to produce a result. Old habits are automated processes that have become “hard wired” in the brain. To really change behavior, new brain circuitry has to grow. Using the new circuitry over time is the only way to “over-write” the old programs and root the new behavior into the sub-conscious, i.e. to “know it by heart."

BrainX’s Personalized Learning System engages what is known as Rapid Adaptive Reasoning Ability (“RARA”).

Why is this important? Because RARA frees up the brain’s “working memory” so it can consciously process information in a given moment, i.e. to “think on one’s feet."

Why Most Training Fails in Practice

Let’s look at what happens in the brain of a salesperson that has just had a few days of Live or regular LMS sales training.

He was presented with a new sales technique and is motivated and confident.

He and his sales manager both believe he will remember what he “learned” well enough to apply it at work.

He is supposed to use a new strategy for effectively overcoming a customer’s objection. To do so, he must keep the following in his “working memory”:

  • The objections the customer raises
  • His own thoughts about the real intent of the objections
  • The new strategy
  • The facts about the products or services he represents
  • His thoughts about how to combine these all in his answer

At this point, most salespeople are already out of working memory capacity.

If any new factor is added (likely it will be) the salesperson’s brain has no choice but to dump something to make room for the new item. SOMETHING IMPORTANT WILL LIKELY BE LEFT OUT.

The Science Of Sales Training

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With BrainX, Practice Makes Permanent

No amount of initial training can push learning down to the subconscious (RARA) level. That can only be done by effective post-training reinforcement. But this is where BrainX delivers!

BrainX is the only Personalized Training System to offer post-training practice that pushes new knowledge and skills down to the brain’s sub-conscious, successfully freeing up working memory. It uses a patented system for reinforcing new information over a period of several days or weeks - whatever is required to lock the new information in the brain’s subconscious so it is effortlessly available when needed.

The patented system combines individualized practice on different days (allowing for sleep between practice sessions). As a learner gets closer to mastery, BrainX automatically inserts more days between practice sessions. This allows a sales person to learn while doing, which makes the learning even more effective.

Incremental Daily Workouts that Expand ROI

Additionally, BrainX offers learners ongoing support through daily reinforcement. Sales improvement metrics include:

  • More appointments
  • More presentations converted into proposals
  • More closed sales

Research shows that salespeople produce more of every significant metric when they start the day with a short amount of Mental Toughness or Sales Skills Training.

BrainX uses a diagnostic evaluation to build a custom sales skills and mental toughness “Daily Workout” for each salesperson. Every morning the system pushes 10 to 20 minutes of personalized training to each salesperson’s computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Because the lessons are customized for each person, it ensures that everyone gets support for what they need to improve on, and no one wastes a minute of valuable time going over material they have already mastered.


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