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Asking Effective Questions


Asking the right type of questions is an art. Salespeople know they should ask strong, thoughtful questions but often the questions are basic, don’t gain enough information and don’t lead the customer to understanding the depth of their own needs and wants.


Salespeople will learn several open-ended questions with branching follow-up questions that dig deeply to uncover the customer’s needs and build urgency.

Topics include:

  1. Developing question sets with purpose and design
  2. Using questions to understand the customer’s needs and desires
  3. Using questions to help the customer discover insights and needs they had not previously considered
  4. Using questions as a consultative tool
  5. Understand the myths and traps of improper questioning methods

This course includes access to our automated question builder and call planning system which saves time, improves results, captures the most effective questions, and disperses them to the sales team.

Simulation and application exercise examples

Learners will practice, practice, practice –the only way to sound natural, competent, and professional. They will record their voice in the simulation tool as they practice asking questions. Next they listen back and use what they learned to modify their responses. Then the BrainX system has them listen to examples of what great sounds like and use these to further improve their answers.

Learners receive professional coaching on their verbal responses from an expert on questioning strategies.

Accumulation of Best Practices

As the coaches work with your people, they identify examples of great verbal responses to the various scenarios. These examples are flagged and can be added to the course for future users of the course or used by managers in weekly meetings.


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