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Handling Objections


The buying process often includes objections from the customer before a decision is made. Salespeople usually “wing it” or, at best, use canned rebuttals that often don’t uncover the true issue behind the objection. In addition, early in a sales conversation salespeople don’t use an effective strategy to capture the information needed to customizes an objection response. For example, if a prospect is more motivated by avoiding pain or achieving gain - a critical factor in adapting objection responses to the individual.


Salespeople will learn and master strategies that limit the number of objections, techniques to uncover the true issues underlying objections and core emotional drivers along with a series of effective objection handling strategies.

Topics include:

  1. How to stop creating objections
  2. Rules for handling resistance
  3. Paying attention to language cues
  4. Adapting responses to core motivators like avoiding pain or achieving gain
  5. Framing and re-framing
  6. The acknowledge and clarify process
  7. Understanding company capability objections
  8. Minimizing price objections

Simulation and application exercise examples

Learners will record their voice in the simulation tool as they practice handling each of your common real world objections. Next they listen back and use what they learned to modify their responses. Then the BrainX system has them listen to examples of what great responses to each objection sounds like and use these to further improve their answers.

Learners receive professional coaching on their verbal responses from an expert on objection handling strategies.

Accumulation of Best Practices

As the coaches work with your people, they identify examples of great verbal responses to the various scenarios. These examples are flagged and can be added to the course for future users of the course or used by managers in weekly meetings.

I have about 15 years of experience in online learning/computer based training and have NEVER seen anything like BrainX. In comparison to a Learning Management System, BrainX is infinitely more advanced in design and in effectiveness to drive mastery and truly improve performance. At my previous company we had what I would call “primitive” expert systems technology. It is evident that BrainX is a universe beyond that.
- Dave DeWitt, Sales Manager, Inogen


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