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The Customer’s Emotional Journey and Uncovering Emotional Drivers


Most pitches are logic-based, focusing on features and benefits. However, the brain makes decisions like agreeing to see a presentation or purchasing a solution at the emotional level. Mild emotional stimulation levels are not enough to compensate for the inherent fear of taking any type of action. Therefore, a good salesperson must know how to increase the intensity of each step of the buying process. This begins with discovering and understanding each important motivator. A motivator is only important if it is important to the customer. That is why we call them Genuine Emotional Motivators (GEMs).


Sales reps learn simple yet powerful strategies for identifying GEMs and then intensifying those GEMs.

Topics for this series of 2 courses include

  1. Introduction to the new science of how customer emotions influence the buying decision
  2. Basic questions to identify if this prospect is more motivated by pain or gain
  3. Simple strategies that get people to reveal their GEMs - Genuine Emotional Motivators- and techniques for digging deeper
  4. Polishing GEMS – a method to get customers to talk about their GEMs in a way that increases the emotional impact of each GEM and builds urgency
  5. Using GEMs to get customers to take action like agreeing to view a presentation or making a purchasing decision today

Simulation and application exercise examples

Learners gain practice identifying motivators by intensity of emotion then practice verbal replies to typical customer responses. Next they listen back and use what they learned to modify their responses. Then the BrainX system has them listen to examples of what great sounds like and use these to further improve their answers.

Learners receive professional coaching on their verbal responses from an expert on the GEMs techniques.

Accumulation of Best Practices

As the coaches work with your people, they identify examples of great verbal strategies for uncovering and intensifying a customer’s emotional motivators. These examples are flagged and can be added to the course for future users of the course or used by managers in weekly meetings.


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