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Prospecting - Advanced Hunting Skills


For a long time, sales people have used generic prospecting strategies combined with the latest opening statement trick. For example, in 1959 Chambers coined the term Hypothesis of Need and just about every trainer uses this in one form or another when training salespeople to conduct pre-call research. The problem with this approach is that it focuses on common problems. This generic research method fails because the client is already bombarded with messages from marketing departments that focus on common problems.

Another problem is that salespeople get initial interest at the start of a call but don’t have the skillset to continue the conversation in a way that increases the odds that the next step in the sales process will be successful. Finally, salespeople waste time with people in a company who can’t make decisions because they lack the ability to identify and get through to the real decision makers.


Sales people learn a set of advanced hunting strategies that they can adaptively apply to set them apart from everyone else and quickly create interest.

Topics include:

  1. Quick effective pre-call research methods
  2. Getting through gatekeepers and assistants
  3. Developing the right message
  4. Adapting the message to the prospect
  5. Recognizing and resolving the most common objection of “Why shouldn’t I hang up right now?” in the first 20 seconds of a call.
  6. Advancing the conversation

By combining this training with the voice skills, active conversation and mental toughness courses we create powerful, resilient hunters.

Simulation and application exercise examples

Simulations have real world examples of calling your potential customer types. Learners record their voice in the simulation tool as they respond to each of these real world call types. Next they listen back and use what they learned to modify their responses. Then the BrainX system has them listen to examples of what great sounds like and use these to further improve their answers.

Learners receive professional coaching on their verbal responses from an expert on prospecting strategies.

Accumulation of Best Practices

As the coaches work with your people, they identify examples of great verbal responses to the various prospecting scenarios. These examples are flagged and can be added to the course for future users of the course or used by managers in weekly meetings.


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