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Price Negotiation


Buyers are more sophisticated and aware of competitive market forces. They often expect significant discounts which can dramatically affect your company’s bottom line.


Salespeople will learn how to maintain control of the price negotiation aspect of the sales conversation including how to avoid common missteps and knowing when to walk away.

Topics include:

  1. The most dangerous aspects of price negotiation
  2. Nullifying price by focusing the customer on value
  3. Nullifying price by focusing the customer on the possible risks
  4. Making sure you are the preferred provider
  5. Checking yourself at the door
  6. Being creative and encouraging your customer to be creative
  7. Focusing on the relationship not just one sale

Simulation and application exercise examples

Simulations have real world sales scenarios involving price negotiations. Learners record their voice in the simulation tool as they respond to each of these real world call types. Next they listen back and use what they learned to modify their responses. Then the BrainX system has them listen to examples of what great sounds like and use these to further improve their answers.

Learners receive professional coaching on their verbal responses from an expert on price negotiation.

Accumulation of Best Practices

As the coaches work with your people they identify examples of great price negotiation strategies These examples are flagged and can be added to the course for future users of the course or used by managers in weekly meetings.


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