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In this course you will learn effective strategies and verbal interaction techniques to deal with people at all levels of anger - from mildly upset customers to people who are enraged to the point of being dangerous. The author of the course is  Dr. John (Jack) Schafer. Dr. Schafer is a psychologist and a former FBI agent who worked in the elite National Security Division. Dr. Jack Schafer and his work are featured in the January 2011 issue of Psychology Today.

For the last 10 years, Dr. Schafer has been a senior trainer of undercover CIA and FBI agents. These agents encounter volatile angry people on an almost daily basis. Dr. Schafer teaches them how to defuse angry people without blowing their cover.

Due to recent nationally published events where angry people have resorted to violence, Dr. Schafer received permission to make his training available to the public. He chose to deliver his training on the BrainX system due to the system's ability to teach to the point of mastery and the ability of the BrainX system to provide verbal practice in dealing with angry people. This verbal practice is delivered  in the online BrainX simulator.  

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