In schools BrainX learning management system is primarily used to help struggling learners dramatically improve their academic performance. It is remarkably effective with English Learners, Special Education Students and students with low motivation levels. The success of BrainX with  struggling learners has earned BrainX prestigious honors as well as extensive positive write ups in T.H.E Journal and other publications. BrainX is also used to help high performing learners reach even greater levels of academic achievement.

Before starting any coursework, students take a pre-test for each of the 6 ELA courses and 10 math courses. These pre-tests will prescribe course work in only the areas where students are deficient. This prevents students from having to review information they have already mastered, points out exactly what they need to learn and organizes it into sections that directly correlate to state standards. Each section contains 4 standard learning activities:

Record what you know

An open ended question that gets students’ brains into learning mode, monitors student effort and serves as a benchmark to measure improvement in each section.


This is where students learn the section’s material. They can learn in English or Spanish and can listen to the material as they read along.

Study session

Here, the digital tutor uses a patented system to quiz students on the material they have learned in the lessons. Study sessions are meant to be completed on several different days with nights of sleep in between, in order to ensure the learned information is locked in long term memory and each learner achieves true mastery of the content in the shortest amount of time. The questions each student experiences in a study session and the number of days skipped between study sessions are optimized to fit the unique memory formation patterns of each student. This quizzing system is so unique that you have to experience it for yourself in order to fully grasp the power the system has to improve student performance.

Record what you have learned

This is the same question the student answered in the Record What you Know, but students will now have a more accurate and more complete answer so teachers are confident they are ready to move to the next section. Once students have completed each of the 4 learning activities in each section they can take the post test, which will evaluate their overall mastery of the course.

Other Learning Activities

Depending on the subject matter, the digital tutor may ask students to participate in a variety of additional learning activities. These include writing assignments where a learner is taught to master various writing objectives like biographical narratives, responses to literature, expository compositions, persuasive compositions and business letters. Throughout the year all students are also taught to master the most commonly used Academic Vocabulary words.

Once students have completed each of the learning activities in each section they can take the post test, which will evaluate their overall mastery of the course.