Overview of the BrainX Advantage for Corporate Training

Who uses BrainX?

  1. Corporate trainers use BrainX to dramatically improve employee performance and  for product training, sales training, compliance training or other types of corporate learning. BrainX can be used as a stand-alone online learning and talent management system  or to support live training in a blended learning environment. For custom sales training applications, the system can be used to personalize sales training to the needs of each sales person or by managers to offer  remote coaching to sales people.

  2. Consultants and subject matter experts use BrainX as a delivery platform for their training and consulting services. They also use BrainX to provide remote coaching.

  3. Meeting planners use BrainX to create online game like simulations to build interest in the new products and services that are going to be promoted at the meeting.

BrainX is guaranteed to be the best online learning and performance improvement system for your company!

BrainX is the first system to combine patented intelligent-agent based learning technology, with mastery-based, learning strategies. The result is a system that accepts any type of content and then molds the teaching of that content to the individual needs of each learner. Instead of superficial learning, which is quickly forgotten, the BrainX system is research proven to teach content to the point of mastery. Mastery ensures that material won't be forgotten and produces the long term adaptive reasoning skills required to dramatically improve performance.

Because of our learning technology advantage, BrainX is able to offer a money back guarantee that employees trained using the BrainX system will outperform employees trained on any other system. That means that if BrainX is being used for sales training, the salespeople trained with BrainX will produce significantly more sales than sales people trained with any other system. If BrainX is being used to improve compliance, or customer service, or for any other purpose with a measurable outcome, than the outcome from employees trained with BrainX will be significantly greater than employees trained with any other online system.


BrainX includes a patented, intelligent content creation system!

Because  the patented BrainX technology automates parts of the course creation process, BrainX is able to offer our customers the lowest course development pricing in the industry. In addition to standard types of course content, BrainX includes a simulation system. The BrainX simulation system allows learners to verbally interact in real world situations where they can hone their skills before they have to use them on the job.

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