How much money are you losing because your people don't always use the best sales, compliance and purchasing methods? At BrainX we have an assessment that can answer this question. We also have a research-proven system to train your people in a way that dramatically increases their use of the proper methods, which results in increased performance.

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The BrainX system is not live training and it is not traditional online training. Instead, it is a new type of online learning that teaches knowledge, skills and attitudes to each of your people in the way each of them learns best. After instruction, the BrainX Personal Digital Tutor reinforces the learned information on different days until each person reaches mastery. Mastery produces the adaptive reasoning skills required to apply the training to new situations. The BrainX system teaches each person in the way a personal tutor would teach them. That is why instead of calling BrainX an online Learning Management System we call it a Personal Digital Tutoring System.

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