Measure Performance

Using the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation, BrainX gives you the ability to measure your workforce’s:


What they thought and felt about the training material and presentation in the BrainX system using built-in survey tools. This can help you fine tune your training so that it is clear and engaging.


The effect that your training combined with the BrainX system had on employees’ knowledge measured by a pre-test before the training and following up with a post-test when the training is complete. This will show retention rate of what they learned immediately following the training. Further testing can be done 1, 3, and 6 months after training to determine if retraining is necessary or if their retention is satisfactory.


What your employees think about the importance or necessity for the training, measured by the BrainX survey tools. This is one of the most neglected aspects of training, but an employee’s opinion of how important remembering and complying with the training will determine whether they will use their training on the job or ignore it. This can point out when employees are becoming a liability because of their apathy toward compliance.


Applicable on the job performance as a result of training measured by manager evaluations, combined with follow up tests to test learning and behavior, done at 3, 6, and 12 months after training.