BrainX offers 3 pricing structures to accommodate any educational institution.

Per Student

This option is best suited for schools or districts that are only interested in purchasing the BrainX Online Learning System for a specific student group that is less than 50% of total enrollment.

Per Seat

This option is ideal for schools with high student turnover, like continuation schools. This allows your school to purchase a fixed number of ‘seats’ that will allow for a certain number of students to be actively using the system at any given time. If a student leaves your school, another student can take their ‘seat.’

Per Site

This option is the best value and allows the entire 9-12 population to use the BrainX Online Learning System for CAHSEE. This means that 9th and 10th graders can use the system to proactively prepare for the CAHSEE and 11th and 12th graders can use it to pass the CAHSEE, SAT preparation, college matriculation readiness, and general ELA and Math improvement.

  1. For districts: This is based on the total enrollment and the number and types of schools in the district.
  2. For Schools: Price is based on the total school’s enrollment.