Mental Toughness Training For Salespeople

Ask yourself this important question!

How much would your sales increase if your sales people always operated at peak efficiency and effectiveness? 

Now, double that number and you will approximate the impact that mental toughness training can have on the sales performance of your team! 

The latest research on Mental Toughness in Sales

Click here to go to our new site web site that is dedicated to the latest research on sales training and mental toughness in sales. 

How the training works

  1. Use the patented BrainX intelligent learning system to master Mental Toughness skills like Elite Level Mental Focus
  2. Apply the skill to your selling environment and watch your sales increase
  3. Use intelligent tools in the BrainX system to track your improvement
  4. Throughout the entire process get personal feedback and coaching from a certified mental training coach

Contact BrainX today to learn how you can get the full Mental Toughness Training Series for Salespeople and Sales Managers

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How to use Mental Toughness Training as a force multiplier for Sales Skills Training

When the Mental Toughness (MT) courses are taken along with sales skills courses, the MT training increases the impact of the skills training. This is due to the fact that the MT training and coaching energizes salespeople with more internal drive to improve their skills and the MT courses eliminate the psychological barriers that would otherwise keep salespeople from using what they learn in the skills courses. For example, all fear of making cold calls is replaced with an intrinsic drive to make as many calls as possible.

When you contact BrainX please ask about the special packages that combine our Advanced Hunter School training with the Mental Toughness series!